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T-shirts, streetwear’s go-to-guys!

No outfit or wardrobe could ever function without the proper selection of t-shirts. For many, a t-shirt is merely a vehicle to transport a certain image. No other item of clothing bears as many claims, logos or graphics.

And still … not every t-shirt is the same. Far from it, actually.

CAYLER & SONS’ wide variety of tees can be divided into several sub-sets of cuts and designs: 

  • Regular cut: the classic t-shirt in its original form. Available in a multitude of colorways and designs.
  • Heavy weight tee: especially heavy look and feel due to extra high grammage.
  • Long layer tee: Two t-shirts for the price of one! The long layer tee consists of a long tee and a regular cut tee sewn together to create the perfect layering look.
  • Scallop tee: Just like the scallop longsleeves, the eponymic t-shirts feature an extra long cut and a round hemline in the front as well as the back: Ideally suited for layering purposes.
  • Drop shoulder tee: oversized cut tee with extra wide shoulders.
  • Long tee: As the name suggests, it’s and extra long cut tee. Can be used individually or in combination with a regular tee.

T-shirts with the unique CAYLER & SONS twist

While having started out with a collection of premium headwear, CAYLER & SONS is proud of having established its own apparel lineup in the streetwear business and offering a wide variety of different t-shirt designs: the graphic tees of the brand’s White Label program are complimented by more subtly branded streetwear pieces from CSBL (CAYLER & SONS Black Label). The designs are inspired by the latest trends in streetwear and themes from music, entertainment and pop culture.