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Short game on point!

The common expression “sun’s out – guns out”, a wisdom possibly older than time itself, usually applies to the biceps and its role when changing from t-shirts to tank tops. But the same philosophy can aptly be applied to calves! As temperatures continue to climb a critical examination of one’s short game become more and more necessary – an no, we’re not talking about golf here.

The wrong pair can ruin an entire outfit!

What is true for so many articles of clothing is especially true for a pair of shorts: it has to be the right one! Pick the wrong pair or the wrong cut and you can easily ruin an entire outfit. Don’t worry though, CAYLER & SONS and its lineup of various shorts is here to help the streetwear-aficionados out there! The brand’s portfolio includes modern denim shorts as well as the ever-popular sweat shorts and low-crotch shorts with sophisticatedly crafted underlays. In case mother nature really cranks up the heat, CAYLER & SONS has got you covered with lightweight and breathable mesh shorts featuring eye-catching prints. In addition, CSBL (CAYLER & SONS Black Label) is offering unique velour shorts and trendy pleated sweat shorts.

Jeans shorts by All Day Denim – out now!

The latest addition to the highlight reel that is CAYLER & SONS lineup of different shorts is a series of modern jeans shorts labeled Raw Edge Denim Shorts, named after the way the high quality denim material is cut right above the knee without being sewn up again. The fearsome foursome that is the lineup of Raw Edge Denim Pants is available in blue, black, sand/camo or light blue, perfectly matching CAYLER & SONS’ All Day Denim Trucker Jackets, that are also available from the brand’s online shop.