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High-quality cotton longsleeves by CAYLER & SONS

A highly sought-after must-have for every streetwear outfit is the long sleeve shirt, available in many different variations to the savvy streetwear customer. The trend started out with classic basketball long sleeve shirts, that are easily identified by a white torso and colorful arms. This kind of longsleeve is modeled after the shirts traditionally worn by baseball teams in the United States and has long made the jump into modern day athleisure wear.

Longsleeves, the CAYLER way

In addition to the classic baseball longsleeves, CAYLER & SONS offers a variety of other long sleeved shirts featuring the characteristic graphics and designs that gave the brand its notoriety over the years in the streetwear market. Iconic graphics and classic CAYLER & SONS themes like bandanas are part of the lineup just like hip hop-inspired claims and designs. Especially the longsleeves of the cotton shirts form an ideal surface for printing the streetwear brands characteristic claims. 

Regular vs. scallop long sleeves

In general, CAYLER & SONS differentiates between two styles of long sleeved shirts within their collection, the regular cut and the scallop longsleeve. The latter thereby is cut longer and does not end in a straight but in a curved seam at the bottom, making a staple item in any layering look in modern streetwear when worn under a regular cut t-shirt. The scallop longsleeve offers today’s streetwear customer a multitude of options when combining different colors, pattern or fabrics to form new outfits every day.