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Find the right jacket for every weather at the CAYLER & SONS online shop 

20 degrees in March? Snow in April? Predicting the weather appears to be next to impossible these days. The only solution? The right equipment, of course! That’s why CAYLER & SONS offers a diversified lineup of jackets, allowing you to react to whatever the weather gods are throwing at you. From wind- and weather-proof parkas that help you to withstand every storm to comfy and cozy winter jackets and ever-popular bomber jackets – CAYLER & SONS has got you covered.

Denim jacket by All Day Denim

A very special highlight within CAYLER & SONS’ collection are the high-quality denim jackets from CSBL’s sub-label All Day Denim. The lineup features Drop Shoulder Jackets as well as classic Trucker Denim Jackets. Both models combine the popularity of classic denim styles with current color combinations and contemporary designs. In addition to traditional blue, a staple that must not be missing in any denim collection, All Day Denim offers alternatives in black, sand and various camouflage options (from classic woodland camo to variations in grey/white or sand).

From lightweight jackets to winter parkas

CAYLER & SONS is proud to continuously develop its collection season by season and to introduce newly developed styles time and time again. One of the most prominent examples is the traditional bomber jacket that has been continuously improved by CAYLER & SONS and has been introduced in numerous different variations over time – pleated sleeves or elaborate applications and unique zipper pullers are only some of the special features that have been introduced to different variations of the CAYLER & SONS bomber jackets.