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The classic hooded sweatshirt has established itself as a staple item in streetwear ages ago. Subtle or eye-catching, logo driven or featuring a sublime graphic – no CAYLER & SONS collection is ever complete without a new set of characteristic hoodies!

Quality over everything!

Both, the CAYLER & SONS White Label as well as the Black Label offering (CSBL), feature the hooded sweatshirts with its characteristic kangaroo pocket in various executions in each respective collection. The brand’s primary focus is always – and has been since its foundation in 2012 – on the quality of the product. This quality-driven approach can be seen (and felt) especially when it comes to the materials that are used in CAYLER & SONS hoodies. Those range from classics like the finest cotton to artificial fibers and upscale jeans fabrics. The brand’s repertoire includes basic and simple designs as well as elaborate graphics and eye-catching camouflage patterns. While options are many and varied, all hoodies usually fall into one of three categories:

  • Classic Hoody (no zipper, large kangaroo pocket in the front)
  • Zipper Hoody (large zipper covering the entire length of the hoody, dividing the front pocket in two)
  • Half Zip Hoody (aptly named as the zipper only covers the upper half of the hoody)

CAYLER & SONS’ trademark: sublime graphics

In addition to their supreme quality, CAYLER & SONS’ hoodies have another characteristic to them that sets them apart from the rest: the variety of sublime designs stands out from the crowd! The numerous graphics and claims draw their inspiration from the worlds of hip hop and modern pop culture! Proven winners like CAYLER & SONS’ comic hands can be found alongside modern success stories like the famous ‘Dabbin Crew’ bear. And of course, CAYLER & SONS delivers the matching curved or snapback cap to match every one of their creations.