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Duffle Bags

Always travel in style with the duffle bags from CAYLER & SONS

Duffle Bags are the Swiss army knife when it comes to travel utensils! Not only do they offer storage room for days but they also let you travel with maximum style. Whether you’re going away for the weekend, taking a trip to a new city or you’re spontaneously leaving it all behind and going on vacation – the duffle bag is the ideal travel companion you simply can’t do without.

In general, every duffle bag boasts a big zipper compartment that packs up everything you need for your trip. In addition, each bag possesses numerous other smaller compartments on the inside as well as on the outside (some hidden, some featuring zippers as well) to safely and securely transport your valuables.

Duffle bags at the gym

Whether you’re training as part of a team or working out individually, hauling around all of your gear and equipment is an issue for everyone. This is where the spacious duffle bag from CAYLER & SONS with its thought-out compartments comes in more than handy.