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Streetweat that will keep you cozy – Beanies by CAYLER & SONS

Headwear specialist CAYLER & SONS will keep you warm throughout the winter times with fitting styles the brand’s fans have come to love: warm and cozy beanies featuring the unmistakable CAYLER & SONS design and claims. Whether you’re looking for beanies bearing eye-catching prints or embroideries – or you’re in the mood for something simple or the classic striped look and minimal branding, CAYLER & SONS has got the right winter hat for you. The wide selection of various shapes and sizes leaves nothing to be desired. 

Pom Pom or nah?

In general, CAYLER & SONS differentiates between two different styles of beanies: 

  • Pom Pom Beanies are aptly named for the characteristic bobble, gracing the top of the hat, reminiscent of the traditional ski hat
  • Classic Beanies will keep you warm without the typical bobble on top of the hat

CAYLER & SONS allows fans of the brand to keep their beloved streetwear outfits intact throughout the winter time by integrating contemporary themes and characters (like the beloved Dabbin Crew bear) as well as icons from the world of hip hop that customers have grown accustomed to. CAYLER & SONS is adding a healthy dose of street style to any cold-resistant outfit by offering the matching beanies for most of the collection’s themes and packs. In addition to the regular in-line products, the brand prides itself in collaboration products that are offered in limited quantities. Among those who have developed collaborative beanies with the brand were German rap superstars like SIDO or cult film icons Cheech & Chong.