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Backpacks by CAYLER & SONS – the perfect travel companion

Today’s backpacks have to do so much more than simply delivering items from point A to point B – a backpack is the ultimate companion in the urban jungle that is the modern metropolis and – at the same time – is the one must-have item that makes the difference between the perfect streetwear outfit and attempt that unfortunately fell short. CAYLER & SONS offers a wide variety of different backpack models thus complementing each outfit with just the right backpack! The backpacks not only feature tons of storage but also tie back to the various designs and color-schemes featured in the CAYLER & SONS collection.

For school, for work, for every day!

CAYLER & SONS would fall short off their claim to fame if their backpacks didn’t have all sorts of well thought-out features, hidden compartments and – of course – the trademark mounting devise for snapback and curved caps on the outside of the backpacks, thus allowing you to safely and securely transport your favorite product of CAYLER & SONS’ premium headwear lineup! Every backpack is additionally equipped with an assortment of visible and invisible zipper pockets. Most of them also feature a padded laptop compartment, making CAYLER & SONS backpacks the perfect choice for work, school or college.

The brand’s portfolio features various different types and shapes of backpacks and includes colorful all-over prints as well as upscale versions made from quality leather boasting carefully crafted metal accessories. One thing that all CAYLER & SONS backpacks have in common though is the tie back to the themes of the respective current apparel and headwear collection the brand has in stores thus giving the customer the chance to round out every outfit with just the right backpack to match.

CAYLER & SONS offers numerous types of bags including

  • Backpacks in a variety of designs
  • Trendy gym bags or drawstring bags
  • Spacious duffle bags